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The world's first VR Fitness Metaverse treadmill that puts your body in control of the game. Immerse yourself in the metaverse to join the global community, participate in fantasy world races, fight battle royales in space with other people and get dividends
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Our Treadmills
are the bridge between
real fitness
Our equipment is already in use
Our equipment is already in use
Our equipment is already in use
Our equipment is already in use
Our equipment is already in use
Our equipment is already in use
Our equipment is already in use
Suitable for one person, so that cardio training time passes unnoticed and interesting
A game in the runner genre in a fantasy setting where you have to move on a treadmill, dodge obstacles
The game is endless, it depends only on physical fitness, the more you play and perform unique movements, the greater the chance to get unique skills in the form of NFT
Suitable for one person or company, for an active team competition in combination with group cardio training
3 vs 3 battle royale game in a sci-fi or zombie apocalypse setting. Each player before the match can choose NFT cards that give unique skills, upgrades to the hero
The match lasts up to 30 minutes. All players get a chance to receive NFT cards with various upgrades, skills and buffs

Each of the devices supports different game genres and the user can choose what he likes best
types of treadmills
Earn from $250 per month in Sporta Points
The Future of Fitness
Swappable for Sportacoin (SPRC)
From now on,
healthy, but also
economically beneficial
will not only be
What you have to do
Go to gym
Choose the one that has SPORTA treadmills
Play to workout
Choose the activity that suits you - solo training and you will play a runner, or you want to fight with other people in the battle royale mode
You can spend them not only in the in-game store for interesting skins, but also convert them into Sportаcoins.
You can buy and sell Sportаcoins on any crypto exchange, as well as pay in partner stores in the Sporta ecosystem
Use your Sporta Points
In the SPORTA app you will see all the statistics on your workouts - how many runs you have run, how many calories you have burned, how many matches you have won, and most importantly, how many Sporta Points you have received
Check your balance
Real-World Items
Vouchers, Coupons and Redeemables so Your Metaverse Earnings Are Real
Your Fitness Achievements Tokenized
Branded Metaverse Weapons / Avatars
фон игры
You can earn not only by doing fitness on our trademills, but also by betting on PVP matches between other players.

Watch streams of PVP matches, analyze player statistics to make a profitable bet in Sportcoins
Our mission is to incentivize your cardio health journey, so that you don’t have to break a sweat before you even get to your workout. Whether it’s a rough day at the office, a full day of taking care of the kids, or if you just hate jogging, life doesn’t make it any easier for you to take care of yourself.

Let us be the extra push you need to be good to your heart. And hey, why not earn & enjoy while doing it.
During training on our threadmills, all data about the speed, movement of your arms and legs, game statistics are used for mining Sportacoins.

They can not only be sold on crypto-exchanges, but also used to receive discounts, bonuses in sports stores for the purchase of sports nutrition, equipment, as well as in ordinary electronics stores and after-sales services.

Now, playing sports gives an advantage not only physically, but also economically.
Workout Tech Platform
Powered by Movement Reality Technology
The only Workout platform that tracks Real Data
Finish development of 10 Games for Sporta treadmills - 5 PVE and 5 PVP

Unite all players and games into a single metaverse

Finish development of Sporta home use solution

Holding an international cyber-competition for PVP matches in the Sporta ecosystem
50 strategic partners who accept SPORTAcoins for settlement

Start staking on PVP matches within the ecosystem

Start of sales in the USA

Finish development of Sporta Bike
Publish of battle royale for omnidirectional platform "Sensei"

Install Sporta and Sensei treadmills in 45 gyms with 5 000MAU

Issue 2 000 000 000 Sportacoins with a market value of $0.02

10 strategic partners who accept SPORTA Points for settlement

Start of sales in the Europe
$300.000 Pre-Seed Equity Round closed from strategic investors

Installed Sporta treadmills in 14 gyms; verified 27 541Km of distance exercised

Finished development of Sporta IoT

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